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About Centelli

Centelli is a European Business Intelligence consultancy who are committed to empowering businesses by unlocking information that shapes decision-making. By focussing on data in the correct context, we aim to deliver business insight and help organisations become increasingly intelligent about the way they use their digital assets.

We are all about making data tell its story; aiding businesses in better decision making, identifying new services, creating new efficiencies and changing the world. Our aim is to bring businesses up-to-date with the digital revolution and the latest in technological advances whilst simultaneously taking their organisation to the next level. At Centelli, we only consider ourselves a success if we have made a difference and we are constantly aware of how we can facilitate each individual organisations set of objectives and business culture.

Our understanding and experience enables the delivery of solutions that help ensure maximum efficiency and long term sustainability whilst generating quantifiable business benefits. With extensive experience in numerous industries, Centelli can deliver solutions that fit each business’ objectives, strategies and culture. We are both passionate and dedicated to turning data into a business asset whilst providing both a quality service and measurable results.

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