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About Centelli

Centelli uses data analytics and process automation to drive friction out of processes, align business strategy with digital strategy and empower people to deliver excellence to the customer. We unlock information that shapes decision-making by extracting insights from your digital assets and by streamlining processes through automation. We increase productivity - boost effectiveness, improve customer experience, and foster staff satisfaction for our clients.

Data Science is about shaping unstructured data you are already collecting in to the right context guiding you to make informed business decisions that excite a business process revolution. The right technology and automation is a means to that end.

We combine these insights by streamlining routine and repetitive processes through software based robotic process automation (RPA). RPA deploys digital workers within your processes helping your staff increase productivity, unleashing their creativity and ideation, and improving customer satisfaction. Our significant experience in process automation has helped organizations save between 35-65% in costs, enhancing customer fulfilment and employee satisfaction/quality of life.

Centelli has global experience in industries such as travel and hospitality, supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, pharma, finance and banking, and technology.

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