Automotive companies are becoming more Digital. Continue the Journey with Automation

Another lockdown…. but does it give us time to look at other things?

Here we are again. Heading into another lockdown, hopefully only for 1 month (but potentially longer). A lot of organisations have had to put business on ice again which brings many challenges. During the last lockdown, after the initial impact, some companies were able to pivot and spend the “spare” time on improving the running of the business.

This time around, the lockdown is still severe but there has been slightly more flexibility built in to allow some companies to keep trading and working. Automotive is one of those. Centelli works with different customers in the sector who have either started or continued their journeys with UiPath’s Robotic Process Automation tool.

In order to thrive in this new environment, automotive companies have to work smarter. They must focus their staff on engaging the customer and creating a truly differentiated experience. The best way to achieve that is by handing over repetitive, administrative tasks to a Digital Worker. Digital workers can work across different applications without needing

RPA Solutions for the Automotive Sector

Centelli works with Dealerships, Leasing companies & Vehicle Remarketing firms automating processes across the business. This ranges from pricing analysis to managing vehicle inventory to carrying out administrative tasks that must be done but the customer will not care the effort involved.

The goals range from anything to saving time on administrative tasks, improving the job satisfaction of the staff, or sheerly growing the bottom line. We’ll leave those up to you.


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