Automotive Sector – Boost Sales using Digital Employees

Automotive Challenge

Businesses across the board have been affected one way or another by Covid-19. We work with organizations in the automotive sector who saw a complete halt on operations a few months ago. They now have the rapid need to generate as much revenue going forward as economies try and open, with the possibility they may lock down again.

Major fundamental changes within the industry are anticipated that will affect everything from production, electric vehicle demand and supply chains. Suppliers’ margins were already being pinched during the downturn in global economic activity before Covid-19, the ongoing uncertainty and volatility will only make things worse.

Showrooms & Dealerships at the front line

Covid-19 has exposed the lack of digitization across automotive sales and marketing with the absence of access to dealers in the new digital environment, where customers are immersed in e-commerce across all aspects of their lives. The existing Single-channel operational strategies are old hat and not the way that people now want to consume products and services. Flexible approaches to multichannel selling and the total support for automotive sales will be crucial to future success

Agility and flexibility will be key, especially when considering a possible second or third wave of the pandemic. The limitations of availability and the way that staff can work in dealerships needs also to be thrown into the mix.

Going forward having information at the fingertips of the people dealing with customers is going to be imperative. Being able to turn around deals, transactions and having highly efficient, effective and adaptive back office operations will become a key differentiator.

RPA – Robotic Process Automation can be highly effective in this space, using RPA Digital Workers to drive down transaction times by streamlining the marshalling of information from many disparate sources to support vehicle sales process cycle. It releases people from undertaking transactional wasteful back office functions, accessing multiple systems to release them to be customer facing, supporting/integrating multi channel sales efforts. The outcomes from a Digital Worker can be put directly into the hands of dealership staff or used to support customers directly through an online platform, where speed of information is of the essence.

The best part is that these robots interact with computing applications just like humans and as a result are non-intrusive, but can be deployed within a matter of days. Using a flexible resource like a Digital Worker to match constantly changing circumstances without having to resort to massive investments in source system reconfigurations can make all the difference and keep you agile.


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