RPA & Digital Workers in Retail Banking

We use the UiPath software to support us in all of our automation projects. From ATM data processing to fraud detection and direct-debits management, here are 5 ways the UiPath Platform has helped commercial banks around the world become more efficient.


  1. By Improving the Exchange of ATM Data
  • 90% of their process became automated.
  • 0% manual effort was required.
  • a 70% reduction in processing time.
  1. By Streamlining Account Creation for Mortgage Customers
  • 70% of the costs were reduced.
  • Their error rate dropped to 0%.
  • 75% faster processing times.
  1. By Detecting Financial Crime
  • Time spent processing requests dropped to 20 minutes (down from 45 minutes).
  • 95% of the process was automated.
  • 1 hour of manual work was replaced with 5 minutes of automated work.
  1. By Avoiding Revenue Loss and Improving Dispute Resolution
  • Perform 95% of all daily transactions.
  • Save two full-time equivalents (FTEs).
  • Slash turnaround time to 6 hours daily (down from 16 hours).
  1. By Verifying Loan Application Documents
  • After automating their loan-application verification process, the bank saved 20 hours per week and get clients a response faster than the manual process.


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