Optimizing Supply Chains – Vendor Selection

RPA is being increasingly adopted within the supply chain to mimic the actions of human employees: capturing, replicating, and processing data, communicating with customers, as well as making judgements and learning from past actions. Intelligent Process Automation in areas such as Vendor Selection, Shipment Status Communications, and Demand Planning are just some of the examples that streamline current processes providing increased customer experience and higher staff satisfaction. A recent study suggests that 72% of global supply chain companies plan to implement RPA solutions leading to process efficiencies by as much as 43%!

Benefits of RPA in Vendor Selection & Procurement
Selecting and procuring vendors is a highly manual process that normally involves employees preparing an RFQ (request for quotation), communicating to vendors, performing a preliminary analysis of vendor documents, evaluating the vendor, running a credit check, and finalizing the vendor selection. Deploying RPA solutions systemically can automate almost the entire process. Human intervention is only needed when developing initial specifications, generating a list of potential vendors, and engaging in face-to-face conversations or onsite visits and negotiations. This could lead to cycle time improvements by as much as 50% and processing time by as much as 45%.

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