Working SMART vs Working Hard

The efficiency of a supply chain depends on the ability of managers and analysts to act quickly to dynamic changes on a regular basis. This includes accurate forecasting of inventory needs, understanding order parameters and patterns, seasonality, and much more. This means extracting data and examining complex records and data sets, from various enterprise solutions, collating relevant information, and then making decisions. To collect and ingest this information takes significant effort, introduces errors and risk, thus further delaying decision making.

Digital Workers provide a more efficient way to gather and represent this information, leading to faster and timely decision-making improving costs and providing a more holistic customer experience. Digital workers collect and merge relevant data, preparing for management analysis while your team is sleeping at night, and present this information to the team first thing when they arrive at work. Based on defined business rules, the Digital Worker will even take proper actions and advise the team of such actions while they get their nightly rest. Digital Workers are like having assistants that execute certain parts of your processes continuously without any breaks, providing that much needed jolt for strategic growth.

Digital Workers (RPA – Robotic Process Automation) is intelligent automation carefully crafted by Centelli to work with your existing systems and deploys in a matter of days leading to quick ROI.


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