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Robotic Process Automation

As businesses are continually looking for ways to reduce costs, provide better customer experiences and improve their internal processes, the emergence of robotic process automation (RPA) in business process automation has become extremely significant.

RPA is a technology that allows for robots, or bots, to imitate processes previously carried out by humans. Centelli offers this technology, eliminating human error. RPA improves efficiency, working 24x7 to free your valuable human assets, enabling you to focus on things that matter most. This is delivered through a team of bots “trained” to carry out tasks within a business process, just like an employee – but only with greater accuracy, more rapidly and with no downtime.

Furthermore, our experience allows us to identify processes that are best suited for automation. Once we’ve determined this, we will then recruit, train, deploy and manage a digital workforce that will deliver tangible benefits to your organisation seamlessly and without disruption.

Business Intelligence Modernisation

With experts across a wide range of business intelligence specialisms, Centelli can assist you with everything from initial data exploration through to measuring and managing information related findings. Our highly flexible and thorough range of consulting services can help any type of company or organisation fully comprehend Business Intelligence issues, whilst developing an approach that encapsulates the latest technological developments. By helping you assess objectively your current status we can define targets and construct ways in which to achieve this whilst reducing risks.

By modernising your Business Intelligence and adopting a cloud provider we can help ensure that you are adding the value you need to your company. So, whether it is a revamp of your current Business Intelligence set-up or a from-scratch configuration we have the skill-sets in order to bring your organisation to the next level. Our unique knowledge of data analysis and management has enabled us to identify a range of metrics and analytic tools that can be refined to meet your specific Business Intelligence objectives. The result is agile decision-making, backed by accurate information. Having the correct analytics is key to successful decision making and Centelli can offer the expertise to meet your individualistic needs to help take your company to the next level.

KPI Framework

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are an influential enabler for decision making: they allow focus, assisting in understanding the complex nature of how businesses operate. Once KPIs have been sufficiently developed they stimulate growth and development that can take your business to a higher echelon. Through driving engagement, communicating strategy priorities and offering a balanced and integrated view, KPIs are key components to be utilised in managing businesses and promoting value growth.

By converting a strategy into a set of metrics, effective monitoring is enabled - a vital way in which business strategy can be converted into results. This, alongside the implementation of regular progress reviews and relevant adjustments, increase agility in development enabling your business to grow and progress. Reviews and in-depth analysis ensure that your data management process remains coherent with your business intelligence needs thus ensuring that value is constantly being evaluated and added to your organisation.

Data Management

In the modern world, data is growing at an exponential rate. Whether it is search-engine data, customer interactions, sale enquiries, competition activity, incoming and outgoing emails, analytics or supplier input, in order for this to be made use of it must be managed. Centelli can aid in the management of data, understanding and breaking down the overwhelming quantity from a multitude of sources and shaping it in an intelligent way that can help inform vital decision-making. Centelli can not only help you identify what data is important and how to understand its reliability but also establish what needs to be managed.

Our simple and flexible approach can be applied to a wide range of scenarios and is effective as a long-term strategy to inform business judgements that add value. Once the important data has been identified, the processes and organisational structures need to be put in place to monitor it. We have the skill-base and expertise to ensure that the right people in your business both understand and take ownership of the data, making it reliable and valuable source of information.