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Business Intelligence Modernisation

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The digital revolution with ubiquitous connectivity and plethora of connected devices from smart phones to laptops to tablets to sensors is leading to exponential growth in data. To take the lead in the competitive world of business, you need more than just state-of-the-art technology—you need insight from the right data.

As we cement our feet in the digital landscape, we face new, complex challenges that can inhibit us from meeting our business objectives. From identifying trouble spots to evaluating performance, your business relies on impeccable business acumen to navigate the dynamic world of analytics and data driven insight.

Centelli is a data-driven business intelligence and analytics organisation, offering consultation services to modernise infrastructure and operationalise processes to leverage this explosive growth in data. Our team of dynamic experts bring on board years of experience in data analytics and can help in choosing, implementing, and supporting a BI and analytics solution that can handle ‘Big Data’ without blowing a ‘Big Hole’ in your budget.

Modernisation of Business Intelligence

As a European business intelligence consultancy, we work with a wide array of clients struggling with complex operational issues regarding cloud configuration, speed, security, big data integration, insight and more.

With decades of experience in BI and analytics, our business intelligence consultants are well-versed in a range of BI solutions from Birst to SAP to AWS to Hadoop.

In particular, we are skilled in leveraging data to ensure seamless customer engagement. Our goal is to provide cost-effective solutions to your analytic problems—enforcing internal compliance policies and assisting companies with data warehousing.

In doing so, Centelli helps you answer key questions pertaining to the growth and value of your business. Questions like:

  • How close am I to achieving my targets?
  • Which areas of my business are performing well, and which ones are doing poorly?
  • What can I do to cut costs and boost efficiency at the same time?

These are all commonly asked questions that our team of analysts and data scientists are eager to answer in order to empower businesses like yours.

At Centelli, no volume of data is too big or complex to manage, integrate, utilise or interpret. We love a good challenge, and take advantage of every opportunity to raise awareness for the multitude of benefits offered by modern BI tools.

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