About Centelli

Centelli is a European Business Intelligence consultancy who are committed to empowering businesses by unlocking information that shapes decision-making. By focussing on data in the correct context, we aim to deliver business insight and help organisations become increasingly intelligent about the way they use their digital assets.

We are all about making data tell its story; aiding businesses in better decision making, identifying new services, creating new efficiencies and changing the world. Our aim is to bring businesses up-to-date with the digital revolution and the latest in technological advances whilst simultaneously taking their organisation to the next level. At Centelli, we only consider ourselves a success if we have made a difference and we are constantly aware of how we can facilitate each individual organisations set of objectives and business culture.

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Our services

Delivering World Class Service and Quantifiable Results

Robotic Process Automation

As businesses are continually looking for ways to reduce costs, provide better customer experiences and improve their internal processes, the emergence of robotic process automation (RPA) in business process automation has become extremely significant.

Business Intelligence Modernisation

With experts across a wide range of business intelligence specialisms, Centelli can assist you with everything from initial data exploration through to measuring and managing information related findings.

KPI Framework

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are an influential enabler for decision making: they allow focus, assisting in understanding the complex nature of how businesses operate.

Data Management

In the modern world, data is growing at an exponential rate. Whether it is search-engine data, customer interactions, sale enquiries, competition activity, incoming and outgoing emails, analytics or supplier input, in order for this to be made use of it must be managed.

Our Values

At Centelli, we only consider ourselves a success if we have made a difference

Outcome Oriented

We will be focused on the outcome that is to be achieved and not let remit, contracts, etc. become barriers to achieving results.


Our work should be a reflection of who we are, something that we can proud of and are willing to be associated with.


We are commited in mind to the work that we do.

Cultural Fit

We believe in fitting in to a culture to make it easier to do what we do in a wider ecosystem.

Centelli – Intelligence Redesigned

Discover the limitless potential of your business with the help of data analytics and management solutions. We are a European consulting company, passionate about using data to modernise your business intelligence strategy. Our experienced data scientists and business consultants are dedicated to making you work smarter—using state-of-the-art technology and software to cultivate growth and value for your business. We believe a successful business relies on insight and experience, and our customised performance solutions enable you to reach unprecedented heights.

With technological changes forever changing the face of business, intelligence agencies provide an invaluable source of guidance to corporations with innovative self-service BI solutions. Our partnership with Birst is a testament to our interest in innovation as we encourage businesses, big and small, to evolve with new and improved technology. Centelli specialises in BI modernisation, KPI frameworks and data management. Invest in long-term success by building a sustainable future for your company!