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What is Robotic Process Automation and a digital workforce?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates tasks and processes that are repetitive and mundane in nature. This eliminates human error, improves efficiency, works 24x7, freeing your valuable human assets to focus on things that matter most.

A digital workforce is a team of bots, expertly deployed in your organisation, specifically configured to take over repetitive processes. These bots will be “trained” to carry out tasks within a business process, just like an employee – but only faster, with greater accuracy and no down time.

Meet the digital workforce

Digital Assistant

A manually triggered digital worker that works interactively on a user’s computer. They carry out a set of activities, similar to running a macro in Excel which is more powerful and capable, with the ability to run across multiple applications.

Digital Worker

An autonomous worker that works on tasks without the need for human interaction. These workers can work 24x7, 365 days a year without even a coffee break!

Digital Team lead

A centralised management console that allows users to interact with the digital workforce. Enables coordination of tasks across digital workers, tracks task completion and provides centralised logging of results and performance.

Benefits of a digital workforce

A digital workforce will help your organisation enhance your process efficiency, effectiveness and save you money. This allows you to better engage your employees and free up time for people to focus on real value adding cognitive activity such as: engaging customers, making complex judgments and business critical decisions.

Reduced costs

A digital workforce lowers cost by working 24x7, 365 days a year upwards of 5 times faster

Frees up human resources

Free up human resources to focus on higher cognitive and value adding activities

Dual mode

A digital worker can work as an assistant to a human or as a independent and autonomous worker

Works with existing IT systems

Digital workers, your bots, can leverage your existing systems without the need for any expensive bespoke configuration

Improved internal processes

Digital workers need well defined processes. This drives general process improvements and enables better business insights improved data capture and process performance monitoring driving low operational risks

Rapid ROI


Better Customer

Eliminate Repeat

Improved Service

Enhanced Ability
to Manage




Scalability &

& Analytics

What processes are best suited to a digital workforce?

Rules Driven

Processes that are rules based and consistently applied


Manual and repetitive

Out Of Hours

Seasonal or round the clock working, issue and complaints handling etc.

High Compliance

Processes which require audit proof for regulatory compliance


Tasks involving multiple systems where validations are required at each synapse


Tasks involving many resources and multi-step processes or have manual calculations

Build your digital workforce with Centelli

At Centelli, we specialise in process design and optimisation. We have the experience to identify processes that are best suited for automation. Once identified, we will recruit, train, deploy and manage a digital workforce that will deliver tangible benefits. We will also help establish an operating model that will enable smooth communication between your digital and human workforce.


To recruit the right digital workers, we first gain a fundamental understanding of the processes to be taken over. This helps us identify where and how digital workers can create the greatest value, deliver real benefits and establish the necessary infrastructure.


At Centelli University, we “train” the digital workers to carry out the solution required, including exceptions configuring identified processes in UiPath. We also test and evaluate their effectiveness to make sure that they will deliver value.


Centelli’s Digital Resource Manager monitors every Digital Worker through identifying exceptions and will pinpoint opportunities to further improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Are your human workers doing things they would rather not ... but do because it just has to be done? Ready to make your teams more productive? Increase organisational efficiency? Improve digital processes? Streamline customer service?

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At Centelli, we believe that the workforce of the future will be one that combines the human worker and digital worker in a collaborative manner.
The human worker will focus on the higher cognitive tasks while the digital worker focuses on the routine, robotic tasks. Centelli believe that
UiPath has a unique proposition for enabling the digital workforce and have hence formed a strategic partnership with UiPath.
UiPath offers the best speed of deployment through an intuitive recording and development studio,
allowing our customers to realise their ROI quicker and more reliably.

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